City Syndrome is a series of city guide books that you write yourself. A crossover between a visual travel guide, a notebook, a journal and a scrapbook, each book is filled with urban images showing you the streets for real. Explore and (re)discover your favourite city using the photos as a guide then use the blank pages to write down your own addresses, note the names and numbers of the people you meet, stick in your tickets and receipts, or even just use it as a regular notebook at home or at the office.

We want you to experience the best a city has to offer, but we don't tell you which trendy new bar, café, store, restaurant or gallery you should go to. Those places change every week and by the time the average travel guide sends you there, it's already full of tourists and the locals have moved on to the next big thing. Instead we give you the names of the streets in the coolest neighbourhoods where you are more likely to find something of interest to you. Don't follow in the steps of others - write your own story!

City Syndrome takes its name from Paris Syndrome, a psychological disorder that has been known to affect Japanese, and more recently Chinese, tourists visiting the French capital for the first time. Once they realise that Paris is nothing like in the TV ads they’ve seen back home, they are so disappointed by the stark reality of the city that they experience dizziness, sweatiness, anxiety and even hallucinations. City Syndrome provides a realistic view of the city - without the headache.

City Syndrome is published by Editions Paris Photographique, the publishing arm of the Paris-based photography platform Paris Photographique. Fronted by photographer, curator and publisher Neil Atherton, Paris Photographique organises the bi-annual photography festival Mois de la Photo-OFF. Neil Atherton has lived and worked in Paris since 1999 and his photography has featured in various international media and has been exhibited in Paris, New York and Berlin.

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