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You’ve already gawped at Big Ben, trudged around the Tower of London, watched the Changing of the Guard and shopped till you dropped on Oxford Street. You like wandering off the beaten track while not always knowing where you’ll end up next. You’re a curious traveller who knows you can’t get lost if you don’t know where you’re going. If this sounds like you, then London City Syndrome is for you.


London City Syndrome


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Using the ten different neighbourhood sections, from Mayfair and Soho to Shoreditch and Hackney, use the book recklessly to explore and (re)discover London using the photos, street names and nearest Underground station as a rough guide. Then use the blank pages to write, draw or stick in anything your heart desires.




The first book in the series is "Paris Syndrome", which guides you through the City of Light's coolest neighbourhoods on a visual journey from Beaubourg to Belleville. Inside the 192-page book, the street names are given next to each of the 89 different photos, as well as the nearest metro station and arrondissement.

Paris City Syndrome


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Paris Syndrome shows you the kind of places you’d want to go when you’ve already climbed up the Eiffel Tower, walked down the Champs-Elysées and got lost around the Louvre. If you like wandering off the beaten path and enjoy not always knowing where you'll end up next, Paris Syndrome is for you.





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